General Questions

    Block+Lock: How it works for the driver

    The Block+Lock device, by NEKA Solution, mechanically locks the cellular when inserted. It will permit the usage of all “legal” functionalities such as handsfree phone call, viewing a map routing or text message but it will NOT allow the driver to take the phone in his hands.

    The unlocking process is activated by pressing the orange button during one second when the vehicle is not moving. If the vehicle is moving, and driver needs to unlock the cell for an urgent matter, he will then need to press the orange button for a period of 4 seconds.

    Finally, a USB type connection port, located under the Block+Lock craddle, can be used for cell charging. Practical and useful.

    Block+Lock: How it works for the fleet manager

    The Block+Lock device, by NEKA Solution, is used as a management tool by the Fleet Manager to reduce dramatically the occurance of cellular usage by its driver while they operate a fleet vehicle.

    Each locking/unlocking event and each vehicle movement is saved in the Block+Lock internal flash memory. The content of this flash memory is subsequently carried into the cloud to be analysed by the iblocklock.com portal.

    The fleet manager can then consult the information on the portal at any time. This will permit him to monitore at will the vehicle & driver safety performances in complying with the company’s policies regarding cell phone use.

    Also, Fleet overall safety performance can be monitored throughout a Dashboard that will depict a curve of non-secured time for the whole fleet, a pie chart of the different ratio (secure, non-secured & Idle) for the whole Fleet and a Top-10 drivers ranked by Safety Performance (the best or the worst, at its choice).

    Can Block+Lock Technology detect the use of cell phones in the cabin?

    Block+Lock is not connected in any way to the cellular. Consequently, it cannot detect if or when the cell is used for call, texting or any other functions.

    Block+Lock is not an APP software that is introduced into the cell of the driver. This would be considered as an intrusion into the privacy of the drivers.

    NEKA Solution has chosen not to introduce software in personal cellular of drivers to ensure and maintain the integrity of confidential information in the driver’s personal cell. The various worker unions (i.e.theTeamsters) consulted during the product development phase were clear on this confidentiality requirement.

    The Block+Lock instead detects that the cell is not introduced into the device and compiles the events related to its introduction or not when the vehicle is moving. We assume that the driver is using his cell when it is not secured into the Block+Lock since there is no other good reason to justify not putting it in. Is there? Prove us wrong.

    Does the Block+Lock prevent the engine from starting?

    Even if technically possible and plausible, the Block+Lock does not prevent the vehicle to be started when the cell is not in the Block+Lock.

    We do not think that this is the appropriate method for improved safety performance related to the phone usage while driving. Instead, we privileged a dialogue method and that is why it will sends the information to the Fleet Manager who will then use this information as a management tool to reinforce the safety rules put forward by his company regarding the use of cellphones while driving.

    During a roadside check, what can I submit to police authorities?

    The system proposed by NEKA Solution warrants that the cellular is locked and cannot be handheld by the driver.

    If required, iblocklock.com portal can generate a compliance report to be used subsequently as a demonstration of compliance to law enforcement or regulatory authorities. The Block+Lock can thus act as a “Black Box” for the usage of cellphones while driving for both the benefit of the driver and the company.

    In what country is the Block+Lock manufactured

    NEKA Solution has made sustainability efforts and is pleased to confirm that 100% of the design and over 85% of Block+Lock manufacturing is located in North America (Canada and the US).

    What can i expect from Block+Lock in the future?

    NEKA Solution, designer & manufacturer of the Block+Lock, is continuously working on improvements that our made available to all customers.

    Also, integration projects with the most popular telemetry system interfaces of the industry are underway and will be available to our customers as soon as they are completed and tested.

    NEKA Solution is an innovative company and is always on the lookout for new technological advances. Block+Lock technology is the subject of several patents internationally.

    What is the warranty of the Block+Lock device ?

    Our engagement

    Neka Solution is committed in providing a quality product that meets your needs in mechanically locking your cellular while driving.

    Our Exchange & Refund Policy

    If your purchase does not suit you, the exchange and refund period is 10 days from the date of payment. Products must be returned in their original condition and packaging, including all accessories provided, for the refund to be granted. Please note that the re-routing fee to our warehouse is the responsibility of the customer and refunds will be processed using the same method as the original payment.

    Products deemed defective may be exchanged during a period of 30 days following the purchase. Please contact our customer service at info@nekasolution.com for any exchange or refund requests.

    Why my unit beeps or other sounds?

    They are very few reasons why the device may beep as we wish to eliminate most of the nuisance sounds and other source of distraction. Here are the few sounds you may encountered:

    • When the vehicle start moving and Block+Lock detects that there is no cellular in the device, it will emit a short beep to get the attention of the driver that he needs his cellular to be secured. A red light is simultaneously activated.
    • When locking or unlocking, observer will ear an discrete motorized locking noise. The internal AC motor noise is short lived and of a low tone.

    That’s it! No other sound, sirene or whistle.

Questions on installation

    Can I install the Block+Lock myself?

    The Block+Lock device is easily installed into any vehicle by simply connecting its cable into the 12V DC power, ideally directly to the vehicle’s fuse box.

    Mechanically, the Block+Lock requires a mounting bracket compatible with the AMPS standard. This industry standard is characterized by a configuration of 4 square holes of 30mm x 38mm. If required, NEKA offers a AMPS compatible Ram Mount harness.

    Can the Block+Lock device discharged dead the battery?

    No, the Block+Lock will automatically switch to standby mode when the vehicle ignition is turned off for more than 5 minutes and then it will consume less than 10 mA of DC current. A typical vehicle battery has a capacity of 50 Ah, which means it would take more than 6 months before the device can deplete completely the battery.

    How can I create a new user in iblocklock.com ?

    New users (vehicles or drivers) can be added directly to the configuration section of the iblocklock.com portal.

    How can I tell if my device is properly installed?

    The installation and commissioning procedure of the Block+Lock will validate its proper installation through an easy six steps process.

    You can learn more about the installation and configuration process in your vehicles by consulting the installation & configuration document on the secure portion of the iblocklock.com portal.

    What happens if there is a change of vehicle

    The Block+Lock device will determine that it has been plugged into another vehicle possibly detecting a new Wi-Fi configuration and will no longer be able to communicate with the iblocklock.com portal. The fleet manager will only have to update the configuration Wi-Fi parameters (SSID name & Password) and the Block+Lock is ready to operate in the new vehicle.

Questions about accessories

    How can we associate a driver with a Block+Lock ?

    NEKA Solution is advising the use RFID TAGs that will allow positive identification of any given drivers. Block+Lock is equipped with a RFID reader that will decrypt the RFID TAG.

    RFID TAG are small 24 mm diameter round sticker with a thickness of less than 0,7mm. For optimum performance, the TAG must be appose centered on the bottom of the back of the cell at around 1 cm from the bottom.

    To be noted, these TAG are difficult to remove without damaging them providing additional anti-cheat protection. Moreover, RFID TAG provided by NEKA are protected against reproduction through a triple security barrier. Very hard to replicate!

    NEKA suggests a two-step approach for the introduction of the Block+Lock System to the Fleet:

    1. First, introduce the Block+Locks into the vehicle Fleet to familiarize drivers with a new mode of operation in relation to secure the use of cell phones while driving ;
    2. Secondly, after a set period of time, depending on the degree of integration of drivers, the Fleet Manager can then procress the use of RFID TAGs.

    TAG do not affect the use of the cell and are available upon request.

    What harness (support) is required for my vehicle?

    The Block+Lock come with a hole pattern that meet the AMPS standard. This industry standard is characterized by a configuration of 4 square holes of 30mm x 38mm. We recommand using the Ram Mount model RAM-B-101U, a universal clip that can easily support the weight of the Block+Lock. This harness is made of aluminium, it is strong and yet flexible. Several other alternatives are also available on the market.

Questions on software & communication

  • Can a virus be transmitted to my device that could infect my network?

    No – servers that transmit instructions to Block+Lock devices are protected by a firewall. Also, the devices can only accept instructions from iblocklock.com according to a highly secured protocol.

  • Can I access the iblocklock.com portal from any device?

    The iblocklock.com portal can be accessed from any device but was designed to work best with the Web browser of your computer. A mobile application version is currently being designed and will become available shortly. Please note that the device you are using requires an active internet connection.

  • For how long and where are the data stored?

    The data is stored on Amazon Web Service servers and are managed by NEKA Solution. AWS Cloud servers are located in Canada. As stipulated in the NEKA Solution End-User Licence Agreement, the data will be kept for at least five years. However, if a customer has specific purging or archiving needs, NEKA Solution will help them manage these requirements.

  • How are software updates managed?

    The most recent software version is routinely transmitted over the Wi-Fi link to the devices. The current software versions are indicated in the configuration menu and enable the Fleet Manager to confirm that the latest software is active.

  • How does Block+Lock exchange data with the iblocklock.com portal?

    Block+Lock permits various mean of data transmission to its iblocklock.com portal:

    1. the use of the Internet interconnection capability of a telemetry system OR
    2. the use of a any known wireless network – via a mobile device or the Wi-Fi terminal at the garage or the service center.
  • How does Block+Lock secure its data?

    Block+Lock is using encryption algorithms, similar to what is in used by major financial institutions. The client will defines who has access to the database and the limits of the content that is accessible to them.

  • How likely it is that iblocklock.com infect my computer or network?

    NEKA Solution is a company that adopts the best practices of the industry in all its computer systems, including intrusion detection, auditing and encryption.

    iblocklock.com is a web application that can be accessed over the Internet and thus cannot create a virus.

  • How often are vehicles updated?

    The Block+Lock internal data are refreshed at a typical frequency of 1 Hz (each sec). This information is then stored into the internal flash memory. Update frequency to the Portal (cloud) is established by the Fleet Manager (default is every minute).

    The internal flash memory enables to stock data for six months.

  • What are the Web browser compatible with iblocklock.com?

    As Block+Lock continues to innovate, new features of the Web are largely integrated into our products. To use all new features when on the iblocklock.com portal, a recent browser is required. Here is a list of recent browsers:

    • The latest version of Google  Chromium
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+
    • Apple Safari 6+
    • The latest version of Mozilla  Firefox
  • What happens if I am not connected to the GPS satellite network?

    The Block+Lock as its own GPS microchips and relies on the GPS satellite network to determine whether the vehicle is in movement or not. A valid GPS connection is also required for the device to correctly detect the date and time.

    If the device is unable to connect to the GPS network, the Block+Lock internal accelerometer sensors will take over for vehicle motion detection and the internal microprocessor in the Block + Lock will continue to measure the time.

    The absence of GPS signals is usually caused by one of the following conditions: the vehicle is moving in a dense foliage area , the vehicle is underground , a tunnel for example or, in rarer cases, a GPS scrambling device is in the vehicle

  • What is the minimum system requirement for iblocklock.com ?

    • Windows Vista, 7, 8 or more
    • Mac OS X 10.5 or later
    • 40 GB of hard disk with 10 GB free space
    • 1 GB of RAM

    Note: for optimal user experience we also recommend using a high speed Internet connection.

  • What languages are supported by iblocklock.com portal?

    French. An English version is in progress and should be available shortly.

  • What types of reports are available?

    Block + Lock offers a complete set of reports to meet your business needs. Our reports include the safety performance of the driver or the vehicle, a log of events related to their use of the cell phone when the vehicle is moving and the measurement of the safety index of the driver or the vehicle. A global fleet score is also available. If you have a request for a report that is not available, we will be pleased to analyze your request and add it if it is technically possible.

Authorized distributors block+lock

    How can I find an Authorized Block+Lock Dealer ?

    To get information about your Block+Lock Authorized Reseller, please make a request through the NEKA Solution Contact section on the web site.

    Who are the Block+Lock resellers ?

    Currently, NEKA Solution sells Block+Lock systems directly. We are growing and new markets will become available and we will evaluate reseller requests on a case-by-case basis. Please send us your requests via the Contact section of the iblocklock.com portal. We will answer all requests.

    How much does Block+Lock cost ?

    The Block+Lock device by NEKA Solution is available for an upfront payment for the device and a minimal annual payment for the license fee WebService giving access to the portal and iblocklock.com, Reporting fleet performance, per vehicle and per driver, including a security index.
    Contact our sales team for current prices. Block+Lock is considered one of the most performant and affortable solution on the market to secure cell phone use while driving.

    How to become a reseller?

    NEKA Solution has already started to deploy its Block+Lock units in selected target markets. It is the first intelligent cellular locking system for fleet managers to monitors conformity to its no-texting policy. New opportunities are regularly appearing in other markets. NEKA Solution takes reseller inquiries on a case-by-case basis. To find out if you meet the criteria for becoming an authorized Block+Lock reseller, please contact us. We will answer all requests.

NEKA is the Designer of the BLOCK+LOCK, first smart cellular locking monitoring system for the usage of cellular while driving

Designed and manufactured in Canada.

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