First Smart Locking device for Cellular

ZERO Texting & Driving

To make roads safer!

  • Alarm warning of unsecured driving
  • Acts as a « BlackBox » by logging all safety events into flash memory chips
  • Real-time reporting of safety performance to fleet manager
  • Integrated USB port for cellular charging
  • Integrated Positive Driver Identification using RFID technology
  • Compatible with practically all cellular makes & models
  • Permits all non-intrusive cellular functions such as handsfree calls, maps & notifications
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ZERO Texting & Driving

Reduce Accident Rates

Safer Roads for all

« 1 in every 4 road accident in the United States is caused by Texting & Driving - Source NTSB »


Easy to install

Simple configuration

To make your Fleet safer

You now have a very User-friendly Management Tool

SIMPLE & Comprehensive Dashboard

Get acces to performance data to act now!

CALCULATED Vehicle Risk Factor

Set your own priorities and act using factual data!

Our interface provides a top 10 driver / vehicle to help Fleet Manager to change positively Texting & Driving Culture of employees

Analysis Algorithm provides Safety Index
Based on Occurence, Severity & Detectability

Simple Configuration

Add, delete or modify in seconds portal interfaces have been designed for simple and intuitive usage, providing more time for Fleet Manager to Manage!!

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BLOCK+LOCK has been recommended by:

Teamsters Québec, Local 106 & Local 1999, support the installation of the Block+Lock system as a management tool to improve safety of its workers and of the public


NEKA is the Designer of the BLOCK+LOCK, first smart cellular locking monitoring system for the usage of cellular while driving

Designed and manufactured in Canada.

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